All Ooredoo customers can enroll

More points

Special treatment with partners

Transfer points to family or friends

Donate points to charity

How it Works

Introducing the three necessary steps to enjoy and make the most of our Nojoom Rewards program


Through My Ooredoo App     


By spending, every KD 1 spent with Ooredoo gives you points


Redeem vouchers with our partners

Membership Tiers

All of our members are stars, and our stars come in different colors.
As a Nojoom member, you are placed in one of three tiers: Red, Silver and Gold, depending on your monthly spending.
The more you spend the more you get.

  • 15 Points
    = KD 1

  • 20 Points
    = KD 1

  • 30 Points
    = KD 1

Know your tier